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Healing With Energy

We all have the ability, to heal from past traumas and pain we have experienced throughout our lifetime. These pains and traumas can cause obstructions to the flow of energy that may lead to mental, emotional, physical or spiritual blocks. With the help of Reiki, one can release these blocks and restore the flow, gaining a greater sense of peace, inner balance, and self-healing. Sometimes, our emotions and our energetic sensitivities can make it feel like they rule us, leading us to feel restricted to our ability to be our true authentic selves. Yes, we all can heal ourselves, but sometimes we can use a little help. This can start with Reiki!

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

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Mystical Lake
Mystical Lake

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Journey Into Reiki

A Brief Story

As a child, I was aware of being sensitive to energy. I discovered that I was an empath. I could feel others emotions and pains but did not always know the difference, between their energetic hurt and mine. As a teenager, I was completely lost. I turned to alcohol and other substances to mute the 'extra feelings' I was being bombarded with. It was hard to be enjoyed by my family as I pushed away, even physically. I didn't know, the effect other energy around had on me. I didn't even know what I was fully experiencing, until a well-known energy worker, shared with me that what I was doing was feeling others extreme emotions and pains. He taught me how to recognize what I was feeling and how to protect myself too. This was empowering for me and today, it makes me wonder how many youths walk around, not knowing what to do with other people's energetic luggage. 

The realization of the levels of energetic interference I was experiencing, didn't become really clear until I started down my own healing path by learning Reiki. During my first level Usui Reiki class, I learned more about energetic interference and how to further protect myself energetically. This practice allowed me to really listen to my intuition, believe in my own personal power and connectedness. 

Through the years, I have obtained my Masters in Reiki and I want to share the gifts of this method of healing. Everyone is capable of healing themselves, sometimes we really just need a little help. Thanks to Reiki, I have started to master being me, my life has become more clear and the universe is guiding my way!


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Menu of Services

Here's where your journey begins...

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 Reiki- Holy Fire III/ Usui & New Earth Angel

Heal with energy

Reiki is an amazing way to heal with loving energy from source. It comes from Japan and is a practice of hands on healing. 

Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki is an improved modality of Reiki that allows for deeper gentle healing.

New Earth Angel Reiki is similar but allows for clients to see these blocks within themselves as well. Empowering them to be aware of their own energy and healing power.


Energy Investment $100

Youth and kids reiki sessions

Kids getting to recognize energy

Our children are amazing and can be complex individuals. With communication about our energy centres and personal energy and how it affects us and others around is empowering our kids. Their ability to learn this healing modality can make growing up, in each stage, transition with a sense of awareness of energy and personal influence in a positive way that can allow a new generation of truly authentic beings already to live their meant paths with confidence.

Energy Investment $55

Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands

Long distance Reiki

Anywhere around the world

Long distance sessions are given anytime, anywhere in the world. You heard right! Reiki transcends all space and time. Sessions are about an hour long and a recording or a write up will be provided for every session. You can just go about your day... or take it easy at the time arranged to do sessions.

Energy Investment $100

Animal Reiki

Energy flow healing for your best friend in the comfort of your home

Animal Reiki is healing with Reiki energy. working with animals, they can be extremely receptive to energy and after a reiki session you may find your pet feeling lighter and less aggressive, agitated and less anxious.

Energy Investment $55

Lazy Brown Dog
Designed World

Heavenly Earth Angel & Lightworkers Meditation

Book your spot today

During this meditation, participants learn to balance their energy and create energy grids that connect all energy. This meditation allows our intentions to be sent into the universe and around the world by the connecting lei lines and other grids placed around the world. 

A place to connect with world healers.

Energy Investment $15

Usui / Holy Fire III Reiki classes

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 ART, Master/Teacher

These classes allow you to start your connecting healing journey to helping others release and truly heal on a deep spiritual levels. Classes are scheduled by interest, as it is trusted that those drawn to each class are meant to learn together.

Please message if interested in attending a class.

Energy Investment

Level One- $250

Level Two- $270

Level Three ART- $420

Master Teacher- $640

Meditation Class

Access Bars

Amazing changes

This is a healing practice of running energy bars in your head area. It allows for a true release in old thinking and patterns that really don't serve ones authentic path. Wouldn't it be nice to be free of those ruts we hit in life, this might be just the thing your need to get over those barriers.

Energy Investment $100

Holy Fire III/ Usui Reiki Level 1 for kids

Children learn about the power of their energy

Children ages 5-12, can enrol in this class. Parents who are interested in having their children attending this class will be send a pamphlet to look over with their kids with to ensure their true interest in learning. Even children/ Youth need to really want to attend. After the class parents will get to enter and discuss what their kids have learned and what to expect after the class in how their kids might react. An open door is created after attendance between parents and teachers to answer any questions that arise.

Energy Investment $120

Kids Drawing
Empty Room

House cleansing

smudging and clearing

Homes can collect residual energy from previous home owners, or have a connection to the land or an individual that passed on. This services is intended to clear that energy and any other energies that may be affecting people negativity.

Energy Investment 120$


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